Scott on Drums – New Category

For me, it has been all about the music, especially drumming, for the past 25 years.  I have been playing in one form or another with so many different groups, that I can hardly remember them all, but one thing is for sure, I doubt I could live without it.  There is something so powerful feeling sitting behind the drum kit and kicking into a tune.

In addition to drumming, I have been buying and selling used gear for the better part of a decade, which works nicely for me.. Buy a bunch of stuff, keep a few cool pieces, and sell the rest at profit.  LOVE!

Anyway, this is the official announcement of my new Drums on the Web category, and I will add new articles as I am inspired to do so.  These articles could include gear I have for sale, new product reviews, or gigs I have played.

480 Months, and a Time to Reflect

In a recent conversation with my lovely better half, Amy, I was feeling melancholy about my life so far, and was regretting decisions I’d made, and other I hadn’t.  I guess as I approach my 40th birthday, I have been reflecting a lot about goals I’ve had, but haven’t accomplished yet.  Much of it has to do with work, and where I’d envisioned myself being at this point, and others have dealt with creative pursuits that I always seem to find a good reason to put off… writing and recording my music, writing a novel, getting into video production, etc. When all is said and done however, I had to look at myself now – perhaps I am not super thrilled with things I’ve not done, my current weight, and other small stuff, but as I looked at Amy, and took a moment to consider how I found my way back to her after over twenty years, I realized that I was overall pretty fortunate. I am grateful for her. My life is good.

Always Wanted to Live in a Cabin in the Woods

Yep. It was kind of like an ideal instilled in me by my father, and his love of exploring, and the great outdoors. For as long as I can remember, I have had more of an affinity to the forest and mountains than the city.  I guess I just feel more at home in a natural setting. The only problem is, having lived in the Bay Area of California the vast majority of my 39 years, and always wished I could live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I never really had the guts to go backwoods. So, while I held that lifestyle as an ‘ideal,’ I could never really make it happen until recently.

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Agile Engagement, from the Mouths of the Experts

I have long considered the concept of agile engagement, and what it means to me as a PR professional increasingly moving into the social media realm. As time goes on, it becomes a larger part of my day-to-day role.  So, it was with great interest that I listened in on a recent PR Newswire-sponsored webcast entitled “Agile Engagement Unlocked.” Presenters included Kelly LeVoyer, director of marketing editorial at SAS Software, and Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing, whose discussion centered around the agile engagement construct created by PR Newswire.

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Measuring the True Value of PR

Whether you work in a PR agency, or as an in-house communications professional, one of the biggest challenges in our field of work is demonstrating an accurate ROI for PR services.

As a long-time PR pro, I am sometimes too close to what I do to easily boil the results of a campaign down to a series of numbers on a spreadsheet.  Perhaps it is partly my ego, but the reality is, I am not convinced that listing out the sheer quantity of articles placed is a good, or accurate, measure of the value we PR pros, bring to our clients.

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Scott Talking With People – Episode 1 – Scott and the King

I’ve known Andy King for almost 25 years.  We met back in high school as I was just beginning to play drums, and getting involved in music.  While there was a healthy dose of competition between the two of us back then (and a fair amount of jealousy from me because of my lack of talent at the time, and his abundance of it), I will always count the guy as one of my biggest early influences on the drums. In Episode I of Scott Talking With People, Andy and I discuss the latest news on his band, Blackwood Royalty, and throw in some senseless banter as well.

In any case, I hope you enjoy!

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How the Internet Changed Life as We Know it

Looking back fifteen years or so, I remember the first hints of what would become the Internet as we know it today. Back then, I was a young twenty-something attending Sacramento State University, majoring in Psychology, when a forward-thinking professor of mine decided to require the class to use email (then completely text-based) to communicate with him and the rest of my classmates. As put off as I was at this, I attempted to learn how to maneuver through this confusing ‘fad,’ and I started spending a significant amount of time in the school’s computer lab.

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One Bad Apple Can Ruin the Whole Bunch

I am always reading blogs and Twitter feeds by reputable public relations professionals to learn new tips and tricks of the trade.  Intermingled with those tidbits of useful information, I also make it a point to pay attention to idiotic moves by PR hacks. After a series of recent high-profile gaffes by executives and PR-noir agents, I started thinking about how the negative actions of a small set of people can seriously affect the perception of the larger group, not to mention the reputations of those individuals and their clients.

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